SEDATU is the Federal Government institution that works for men and women who live in the country’s common land. It provides them with legal certainty for their land and promotes integral rural development and social justice.
Provide legal certainty in land´s occupancy to objective population, by means the impulse of the territorial legislation and the regularization of the legal property, as well to make public politics that encourages the access to justice and integral agrarian development, by means the permanent capacitation and the organization of agrarian individuals as fundamental entities of the first link of the national productive process, to contribute in the social actions that bring comfort in the rural environment, with constant care in preserving the environment and natural resources.
To strengthen the Agrarian Sector in a fundamental tool of the rural environment modernization process, in a justice and equity framework, that guarantees the legal security to the diverse property methods, the organization´s promotion and the capacitation of agrarian individuals, as resources to reach the integral rural development.
The Ministery of Agrarian Development, Territorial and Urban provides legal security in the land´s possession to the objective population, through the impulse of the territorial arrangement and the regularization of the rural property; also, prepares public politics that promotes the access to justice and integral agrarian development.

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July 24, 2009

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